Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive equipment is anything that helps someone with a disability to be more independent. These disabilities could be low vision , arthritis or hearing imparied. Adaptive equipment includes “gadgets” such as telephone amplifiers, talking clocks, large-print books, cooking and eating utensils for one-handed use, self-threading needles, or long-handled garden tools. As our elders age and desire to Age In Place, adaptive equipment may help continue their stay at home.
makinglifeeasier_2210_213179019.jpg makinglifeeasier_2210_249873613.jpg makinglifeeasier_2210_221682566.jpgmakinglifeeasier_2210_225626567.jpg grab_bars.jpg
A hand held shower, Raised toilet seat, Long handled sponges, Wiping/toilet tissues aides, Grab bars

Around the house

makinglifeeasier_2210_213646582.jpg makinglifeeasier_2210_242451361.jpg makinglifeeasier_2210_166925825.jpglarge-button-universal-remote.pngmakinglifeeasier_2210_195502023.jpgCEXP601CO.jpg
Big lamp switch, Door knob levers, Key turners, Large button remote control, Furniture raisers, Reacher
Jar openers, Rocker knives,Two-handed coffee mugs, Built up handle silverware, Knob turners

Dressing aidesdressing-aids_1.jpgdressing_stick_2_jpeg.jpgA715-19.jpg
Sock aide, Dressing stick, Long handled show horn

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