by Melissa Avery, OT/SHeather Dupont, OT/S

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Melissa Avery, COTA/L, OT/S

I have been a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant since 2009 and have worked in skilled nursing facilities ever since. My interest in aging in place stems from my grandparents. From the time I was very small, I remembered my grandparents telling my parents that they never wanted to be placed in a nursing home. My maternal grandmother sadly passed away at a young age; however, both of my grandfathers were able to age in place and pass away in their own homes, fulfilling their wishes. My paternal grandmother broke her hip soon after my grandfather passed away in 2005, and was sent to a nursing facility to recover. She fell during that stay and suffered another broken hip. Following surgery, she became unable to walk and was confined to a wheelchair. Through home modifications and accessing in-home caregivers, we have been able to bring her home, where she lives happily to this day.

I have been a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant since 200r. I have been working in skilled nursing facilities since I graduated. As my parents age, I have become very interested keeping them in their homes. My grandparents and their siblings are all currently continuing to live at home. My grandparents are both in their late 80's and there has been several modifications to thir home over the years. These modifications have alIowed my grandparents to continue participate in meaningful occupations which has allowed them to continue to stay in their home. I feel that every person should have the oppurtunity to "Age in Place". By educating caregivers early on, it could make this dream possible for many seniors.

Heather Dupont, COTA/L, OT/S